4th April 2022 – “Neofossils: Plastic and Carbon Sequestration” Anthony Ryan OBE FRSC

Tony Ryan has been Professor of Physical Chemistry and Sustainability Leader at Sheffield University since 1997   and the founding Director of The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Studies since 2008.  Since graduating with a BSc Degree in Physical Science in 1988 from UMIST he has had a distinguished career in an area of Science now increasingly … Read more

GARDENING WITH NATURE Alan Clements 6th December 2021

Our Speaker this week was, before retirement, an international Sales and Marketing manager with Wiggins Teape Paper, Alcan and Unilever. His business commitments took him to over 30 countries, especially to India and the Middle and Far East.  Expenses often exceeded his salary!  An early grounding in Christianity and a degree that included Philosophy and … Read more

“Bananas, Past, Present and Future”    Pat Heslop-Harrison 16 August 2021

Pat Heslop-Harrison is Professor of Genetics at the University of Leicester, an institution famous for its impact on medical and biological science through such world leading research as the Human Geno project and the DNA structures of animal and plant life.  Perhaps less well known is the research going on into the applications of such … Read more

Hyperscale Data Centres – 10th May 2021

Our speaker this week, who wished to remain anonymous due to commercial sensitivities, addressed us directly – courtesy modern technology – from a location in the western US.  He is currently working as a Construction Manager with one of the World ‘Premier League’ (Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, etc.) of ‘High Tec’ Corporations, commissioning a new … Read more

“The Chesterfield Canal ” Michael Edwards 18th January 2021

Our Speaker this week worked as a Biomedical Scientist for the NHS.  One of his many interests before and since retirement has been the restoration of the Chesterfield Canal.  He is currently Vice Chairman of that waterway’s restoration society, the Chesterfield Canal Trust.  We had previously enjoyed two talks on this fascinating topic from other … Read more