STOP PRESS! – Latest news – 24th June 2022

Our next talk on the 4th July will be from Felicity Stout and is entitled Ash dieback and tree preservation

Our new look website is now here – up and running  after major changes to themes and layout. All intended to be more modern and up to date, secure and easier to navigate and read. There is still much to do and all pages will need a revamp and check to ensure we are not conflicting one page to another. For instance we still refer to meeting at Fulwood Church which is no longer the case as we have had to move since the church has no longer room for us.

Please bear with me until all this is sorted. if you spot anything that needs updating please let me know –

I am particularly grateful to the help I have received from Mark Ireland Jones who has been instrumental in all this progress.

Our Secretary, Graham Snowdon, has updated his “Looking Forward” page and you can access it via the main menu above or by clicking here.

Click here for recent talks.

The next talk following is on the 18th July will be given by David Kershaw is entitled The Work of Mercy Ships

Our speaker programme through to December 22 is now loaded, click here to view.