Stop Press — Latest news — Thursday 19th November 2020

Our next talk on 7th DEC  will be from Mathew Cobb all about The French Resistance.


NOTE — subs due!

As of November we have decided to con­tinue with Zoom talks until the AGM due in May and at that time we will review the situ­ation. Members have been noti­fied by letter from the Secretary regard­ing your sub­scrip­tion which is due by 12th Dec and should be paid by cheque to the Treasurer at his home address.


On Monday 2nd Nov our talk from Nick Verber entitled “Research into neur­o­logy: bed­side to lab and back again”  enthralled some 44 mem­bers. Those of you who were impressed by the work that Nick and his col­leagues are research­ing, can make a dif­fer­ence by donat­ing by copy­ing and paste this into your search engine.


It may be of interest to Probus mem­bers that during the “shut down” Christ Church Fulwood is stream­ing a Sunday Morning Service at 10.30am every Sunday.  To view it just visit the web­site by copy­ing and past­ing this link into your browser:

You can see the last ser­vice or the next one if you tune in at 10.25am on Sunday morn­ings.

You can always see the pre­vi­ous ser­vices if you go on YouTube and search for “Christ Church Fulwood”. There will be a full ser­vice with hymns, pray­ers and a sermon.