Stop Press — Latest news — Friday 25th September 2020

DON’T  miss NEXT TALK ON  Monday 5th October from our own member Peter Ivey on “How the inter­net changed the world: the past, the present and the future”

Those of you who were present at his last talk will know that we are cer­tain of a fas­cin­at­ing insight from someone who under­stands how it all works!


Monday 21st  September saw another suc­cess­ful get together of some 36 mem­bers via Zoom. Numbers slightly down as some mem­bers were on hol­i­day!  Tim Marsh’s blog is now avail­able under Recent Talks entitled  “Magistrates – Judge and Jury?” from Richard Gadsden


The Speak­ers page has now been updated and shows talks from September until the end of the year… now all con­firmed.


The gen­eral reac­tion to the Zoom format has been very pos­it­ive and we now intend to hold vir­tual meet­ings on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

Members will be advised nearer the time and sent join­ing details in good time. Any issues regard­ing Zoom — please call Peter Jackson on 07801 842100.

Currently the com­mit­tee believe it will be the end of the year before we will be able to resume our normal gath­er­ings at Fulwood Church Hall.

We now have the major­ity of mem­bers signed up for Zoom meet­ings until the end of the year.

We will cal­cu­late a pro-rata sub­scrip­tion which mem­bers will be asked to pay to cover the period from 1st January to our next AGM sched­uled for Mon 10th May 2021.

We recog­nise that we might be regarded as a vul­ner­able group, with an aver­age age of 77 and some mem­bers with under­ly­ing health issues. Our return to ‘full work­ing’ will not be so much when cur­rent gov­ern­ment restric­tions allow us to gather, but when our mem­bers them­selves feel it is safe to do so.

Helpline during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) out­break. If you, or someone you know, are vul­ner­able, shield­ing or self-isolating and have no friends or family you can call on, you are invited to con­tact the Helpline either at or on 0114 273 4567 (lines open 8.45am to 4.45pm).

It may be of interest to Probus mem­bers that during the “shut down” Christ Church Fulwood is stream­ing a Sunday Morning Service at 10.30am every Sunday.  To view it just visit the web­site by copy­ing and past­ing this link into your browser:

You can see the last ser­vice or the next one if you tune in at 10.25am on Sunday morn­ings.

You can always see the pre­vi­ous ser­vices if you go on YouTube and search for “Christ Church Fulwood”. There will be a full ser­vice with hymns, pray­ers and a sermon.