21st February 2022 – Mark Firth (1819-1880) legend of Victorian Sheffield, industrialist, philanthropist and leading ciitizen. Miles Stevenson –

Mark Firth’s life was characterised by hard work, generosity and stubbornness, typical of a man of Sheffield, and was one of its greatest philanthropists. Mark Firth Many places in Sheffield bear testament to the legacy of Mark Firth – Firth Court and Firth Hall at the University, Firth Park to the north of the city, … Read more

 The Sinking of the Empress of Ireland – Barbara Beard – 6th September 2021

  The Empress of Ireland, an ocean going 14,500-ton liner, was launched in 1906 to operate the trans – Atlantic route between Liverpool and Quebec. She was a licensed mail ship and mainly carried immigrants from Great Britain (including Ireland), Scandinavia and Russia looking for a better life in Canada. Her capacity was 1,536 passengers … Read more


Steve Brennan is a retired chest physician who worked for many years at the Northern General Hospital and came this morning to talk to us about the life of Gerolamo Cardano who lived in 16th century Italy and who has been described at various times as a physician, chemist, astrologer, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician, biologist and … Read more