A Dirty Night Out – Roger Hart – 28th Jan 2019

Roger Hart spent his career in various guises as an environmental health officer in the public health sector. His was a world of lice, bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, infestations, mice, rats and muck. Adapting the saying “Where there’s muck there’s brass,” to a more appropriate “Where there’s muck there’s vermin“ sums up the situation. … Read more

Creative Sheffield – Prof Sally Wade – 24th September 2018

Sheffield – known as the ‘Steel City’ – has built its reputation on manufacturing, but sadly over the years this has declined. However, looking to the future, Sheffield is determined to re-establish itself as a major centre for the creative and innovative industries. Professor Sally Wade, Chair of the Sheffield Culture Consortium, gave us a … Read more

Typhoid in Croydon 1937 – “Who Dun It?” – Peter Watson – 23rd July 2018

We take for granted a clean, safe water supply. Infected and polluted water can kill. This was the crux of the account of the typhoid epidemic in Croydon, the outbreak first recorded on 27th October 1937 resulting in 43 deaths and 341 contracting the bacteria. Symptoms include extreme lucidity, delusion, intense fever, loss of appetite, … Read more