Lead Poisoning in Sheffield 1885-1920 by Mike Collins on 14th January 2019

A lot of Sheffield water originates from Redmires Reservoir, which was built in the 1830’s.  Iron ore pipes were laid in the streets and lead pipes connected to houses.  There were also lead-lined cisterns. Sinclair White, in 1886, drew the authorities’ attention to the fact that lead poisoning was more prevalent from houses supplied by … Read more

Chesterfield Canal, Past, Present and Future by John Lower 10th Sept 2018

The West Stockwith basin at the River Trent end of the canal. John attended Sheffield University and became a chartered civil engineer.  In 1981 he became involved with the Chesterfield Canal Trust, a registered charity with many volunteers. The Past:  The canal was built in 1777.  James Brindley being the engineer.  It was a magnificent … Read more