18th Sept 2023 – The only man who could lose the war in an afternoon – Dr J.H.F. Smith

John Smith was an eminent pathologist before his retirement – a consultant gynaecological histopathologist and cytopathologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – but has had a lifelong interest in naval warfare. Probably to the relief of most of those present, he chose the latter as his subject when he agreed to come and … Read more

Social Bowls Evening – Thurs 10th Aug 2023

Not so much a visit, unless you regard the bowlers’ clubhouse next door to the main Fulwood Sports Club building as a destination in its own right, but we had a very enjoyable social bowls evening, followed by a pie and pea supper in the main bar, on one of the warmest and sunniest evenings … Read more

7th Aug 2023 – Sheffield Gang Wars of the 1920s – Martin Rowley

A packed house at Fulwood Sports Club – it was almost standing room only – suggested that members were eagerly anticipating what turned out to be a spellbinding talk. Indeed, Martin Rowley’s graphic slideshow presentation came with a health warning for the more squeamish amongst us. Almost all large cities had their gang wars, especially … Read more

15th May 2023 – The Rise of the Machines: How Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over the World (and Why You Shouldn’t Panic … Yet) – Prof Peter Ivey

Computers have changed most people’s lives beyond recognition over the last 30 or 40 years. The Tandy 200 laptop terminals I was using as a journalist in the 1980s had a built-in memory of roughly 20,000 bytes, sufficient to upload 3,000 words of text into a newspaper’s editorial system. There are one million bytes in … Read more

Yorkshire Water Ewden Treatment Plant – Wed 10th May 2023

More than three years after lockdown and our last very successful visit to the Sheffield Assay Office, Stumperlowe Probus Club resumed what will hopefully be a regular programme of outside visits when we toured Yorkshire Water’s Ewden fresh water treatment plant on the River Don north of Sheffield. Yorkshire Water is one of the largest … Read more