A Zoom Magic Show – Richard Reynolds – 21 December 2020


Richard Reynolds is usually extremely busy at this time of year with his magic shows but the Coronavirus 19 has meant changes to his modus operandi.  He has devised an observation show for audiences on Zoom and he kindly squeezed in, at short notice, a presentation for Stumperlowe Probus.

The half hour show starts with a reminder of the Rubik’s Cube.  It was invented by the Hungarian architect Professor Erno Rubick and has been very popular from the 1980’s to today.

Various people have achieved incredible speeds in solving the game but Richard introduces another slant on what to do with the cube and the patterns that are created.  We then move onto gambling card games like “chase the ace”.  Richard convinces his audience to never get involved with such as the dealer will through sleight of hand always win.

Lottery cards are his next focus followed by a reference to his interest in psychology and people’s susceptibility to suggestion.  He uses playing cards and probably sleight of hand to guess the choices that his audience will make.  As a finale he uses the basic symbols used by the CIA when researching telepathy to predict choices that a member of his audience will make.

The half hour “show” flew past with a remote audience very much involved with every second.  It is not easy to fool all of the people all of the time in this situation, but Richard succeeded with distinction.


Then we had a most enjoyable half hour, as three of our newest members “took to the floor” to introduce themselves to the rest of the members. Their life experiences clearly showed that they will add  greatly to the vast fund of knowledge within the club. Indeed one has already given us a fascinating talk!

Welcome gentlemen!