A Zoom Magic Show — Richard Reynolds — 21 December 2020


Richard Reynolds is usu­ally extremely busy at this time of year with his magic shows but the Coronavirus 19 has meant changes to his modus operandi.  He has devised an obser­va­tion show for audi­ences on Zoom and he kindly squeezed in, at short notice, a present­a­tion for Stumperlowe Probus.

The half hour show starts with a reminder of the Rubik’s Cube.  It was inven­ted by the Hungarian archi­tect Professor Erno Rubick and has been very pop­u­lar from the 1980’s to today.

Various people have achieved incred­ible speeds in solv­ing the game but Richard intro­duces another slant on what to do with the cube and the pat­terns that are cre­ated.  We then move onto gambling card games like “chase the ace”.  Richard con­vinces his audi­ence to never get involved with such as the dealer will through sleight of hand always win.

Lottery cards are his next focus fol­lowed by a ref­er­ence to his interest in psy­cho­logy and people’s sus­cept­ib­il­ity to sug­ges­tion.  He uses play­ing cards and prob­ably sleight of hand to guess the choices that his audi­ence will make.  As a finale he uses the basic sym­bols used by the CIA when research­ing tele­pathy to pre­dict choices that a member of his audi­ence will make.

The half hour “show” flew past with a remote audi­ence very much involved with every second.  It is not easy to fool all of the people all of the time in this situ­ation, but Richard suc­ceeded with dis­tinc­tion.


Then we had a most enjoy­able half hour, as three of our newest mem­bers “took to the floor” to intro­duce them­selves to the rest of the mem­bers. Their life exper­i­ences clearly showed that they will add  greatly to the vast fund of know­ledge within the club. Indeed one has already given us a fas­cin­at­ing talk!

Welcome gen­tle­men!