What A Scientist Believes – Some problems and perceptions. – Charles Stirling (Dept. of Chemistry – University of Sheffield)-4th August 2014

Professor Stirling put forward the proposition that scientists make decisions based on good evidence. This gave him a problem when considering religion, creation, and all the literature surrounding it. That was the thrust of todays talk. Brought up as a Presbyterian in Scotland, but now attending a Church of England Church, Charles professed to believe … Read more

Everest the Old Way – the story of the first recorded trek to Base Camp – John Driskell and David Peckett – 7th April 2014.

Inspired by ‘The Spirit of the Hills’ by Frank Smythe who reached 28000 feet up Everest in the 1930s,  and also the poetry of Geoffrey Wynthrop Young, John Driskell and David Peckett  dreamed of spending a year, getting as close to Everest as they could, with 3 others, in the early 1960s. Two Yorkshire men … Read more