The Secret of Life Adrian Egglestone 3rd June 2013

Fascinated to dis­cover the secret of life, some 30 mem­bers listened intently to Adrian. The early men­tion of Watson and Crick soon has us real­ising that we were on the DNA trail! The amaz­ing dis­cov­ery by these two sci­ent­ists at the Cavendish Laboratories in Cambridge back in 1953 revolu­tion­ised many aspects of our daily lives and none more so than the appre­hen­sion of crim­in­als. Adrian headed up the forensic depart­ment of South Yorkshire Police once it became clear that DNA was a unique fin­ger­print and he went on to reveal cases where deoxyribo­nuc­leic acid (DNA) has been pivotal in gain­ing a con­vic­tion. Fascinating!


Watson and Crick with a model of DNA