Rt. Hon. David Blunkett MP His Guide Dogs & Light Hearted Political Anecdotes – 02/12/2013.

Stumperlowe Probus was filled to the rafters eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Right Honourable David Blunkett and his dog  Crosby. We were not disappointed.

He gave us an hour of humorous anecdotes of his life in politics. His many faithful dogs featured in his stories involving those which do doggy things, including the one that was sick when Nigel Lawson was delivering his budget speech and the dog that loved to pinch children’s ice-creams and sandwiches.  Others that had flatulence, some snored loudly and one took himself off and wandered the corridors of power. A particular favourite yelped whenever a Marxist was mentioned. In fairness, it was a nearby MP who stood on the dog’s tail whenever the Marxist was mentioned.

He talked about many amusing incidents he had with the Queen, Prince Charles and world leaders, like Nelson Mandela and Vladimir Putin.  With a life time in politics there were many amusing incidents with the likes of Roy Hattersley, Tony Blair  Gordon Brown , Dennis Skinner and even Margaret Thatcher. She had kind thoughts, which she put in a letter to him about his dog Teddy when it died.

Typical of Stumperlowe Probus the question and answer session was interesting and stimulating.  David was asked what he thought was his proudest achievement?  He replied that he was proud to show by example what the disabled can achieve through tenacity and hard work. He said that he had mellowed over the years and he lived by the notion  “Do your bit and others will do their bit” ( His political opponents will be pleased)

A most amusing and stimulating talk.  Our Speaker Finder must be congratulated on such a coup.