Mike Spick Salesman to the World ( How Sheffield marketed its products worldwide )

Mike Spick , an archivist by profession, continues in his retirement to ferret through the dusty archives to bring us a fascinating talk on Sheffield on the world scene through the ages. From the early days with the formation of the Company of Cutlers, through to the mid 1800’s , saw Sheffield exporting a considerable range of steel and silver products world wide to the Americas, Europe and the Empire. Even then, there were price lists and brochures in foreign languages, agencies in far flung corners, attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions.

He touched on royal warrants, trade barriers, fake cutlery made and exposed. Sheffield’s population exploded in the early 20th century as workers flooded into make the products for home consumption and export. After the war, Sheffield held a Pageant of Production to celebrate its diversity of products and industries. Mike concluded by bringing us up to date on the wide range of products still produced by the city. Yes, he mentioned Hendersons ( relish ).