Captain G T Smith Clarke Dr Adrian Padfield 1st July 2013

Most of us – aside from one – had never heard of Smith Clarke but all of us had heard of Alvis and their won­der­ful cars. Smith Clarke was a nat­ur­ally clever engin­eer and he joined the Alvis com­pany from Daimler where he remained until his retire­ment. During his time at Alvis ‚his wife became ill and this led him to engage his engin­eer­ing skills to develop and man­u­fac­ture anaes­thetic equip­ment and to develop iron lungs much used at the out­break of the polio epi­demic of the early 50’s.

Adrian not only has an Alvis car but remem­bers equip­ment developed by Smith Clarke which he used in his career as an anaes­thet­ist.

Alvis badge