Audio Description — Mrs. Gillian Stanley — 29th April 13

Next time you are watch­ing a play on the tele­vi­sion, close your eyes and pre­tend you are par­tially sighted or com­pletely blind. You will find that your under­stand­ing of the events you hear may well not be suf­fi­cient to follow the story. This is when the skill of the audio describer fills in all the miss­ing pieces. With a most grip­ping example Gillian revealed how her work at the Sheffield Theatres brings a play alive even though you may not be able to see. Her love of, and enthu­si­asm for the theatre, took her in to this vol­un­tary work which brings great joy to the blind and par­tially sighted. In telling her story she revealed how reward­ing she finds her work. Look out for the audio described mark on the pro­gramme – see pic­ture.

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