20th February Peter Wild – The canals of England

Peter took us on a journey of exploration through the highways and byways of our canal system, with great enthusiasm and a very interesting set of slides. Peter was an avid narrow boater and was able to describe many of his personal experiences as he covered, the waterways. He took us through tunnels, under bridges,over aquaducts, through locks, and pointed out some hostelries, touching on their history.

He also explained the art of the decorative painting of the barges and utensils: something his wife is particularly good at. His talk enabled us to see the countryside and our industrial heritage from a completely different point of view, with no rush or noise; just the sound of the birds and the water.

We must remind ourselves that Peter is a very young 90 and Stuperlowe Probus has invited him back for his centenary talk.

David Corns.