18th Dec 2023 – ‘Funny Turns’ Returns Again – Dave Moylan

Dave, who was making his fifth visit to Stumperlowe Pobus Club, is the resident comedian/musician/magician at Warwick Castle.

As an introduction to his magic act he held up a straw. He pushed it into the side of his head then magically pulled it out of his mouth.

He then played his guitar and sang a song about coffee pots. He asked us to help him by shouting “Oy!” after each time he sang “….coffee pots, they’re no use to me!” It was quite entertaining to watch a large group of elderly men all shouting “Oy!” like a gang of kids!

Dave told some extremely funny rhyming jokes then asked for an assistant from the audience to help him with his rope trick.

Graham Blincow volunteered and held one end of the (eight-foot long?) rope. Dave took the rope, held the ends together, picked up the loop in the middle and cut the rope in two with scissors. Then he showed that, magically, the rope was still in one piece!

Several other magic tricks with the rope and knots followed, all smoothly done.

Dave paid tribute to many old-time comedians like Tommy Handley, Al Read and George Formby.Then he picked up his ukulele and sang us some George Formby songs.

He told many jokes but I don’t want to tell all of them as it might spoil Dave’s future performances if his audiences already know them.

However I loved these:

Dave met a man called Rabbit-hole Johnson. Rabbit-hole was his real first name because his Mum and Dad were very drunk at the christening and they really wanted his name to be Warren!

A man went into his local church and poured a bottle of Domestos all over the vicar. He was later arrested and charged with “bleach of the priest”!

Dave thoroughly entertained us for an hour. I was quite jealous of his memory. How he managed to remember all his jokes and his songs was amazing.