About Cookies

We use cook­ies to help you nav­ig­ate our site quickly and improve your brows­ing exper­i­ence with us, but we do not store any inform­a­tion about you or pass on any inform­a­tion about you to other sites. You can, if you wish, remove our cook­ies by going to set­tings in your browser pref­er­ences.

If you are using Chrome then go to Settings — scroll to the bottom and click Show Advanced Settings and under Privacy click Content Settings. If you then click on the tab All Cookies and Content Data you will see a com­plete list of cook­ies on your com­puter. Scroll down the list until you see our web­site, high­light it and delete it.

You can also choose what type of cook­ies to accept under the gen­eral head­ing of Cookies.

Other browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer offer the same facil­it­ies.