Rules and Constitution Of The Stumperlowe Probus Club  ( Sheffield )

  1. The Club shall be called ‘The Stumperlowe Probus Club (Sheffield)’
  1. The Club shall meet every Monday with the excep­tion of Bank-Holidays at 10.00 am for 10.30 am. Should it not be pos­sible to hold a normal, face to face meet­ing, the com­mit­tee may decide that a vir­tual online meet­ing be held instead if neces­sary. 
  2. To comply with fire reg­u­la­tions, mem­bers and guests will sign in .


  1. Membership of the club is open to retired and semi-retired pro­fes­sional and busi­ness men, resid­ing in Sheffield and its neigh­bour­hood.
  2. Applications for mem­ber­ship should be made to the Secretary and are sub­ject to the approval of the Committee, whose decision is final.
  3. As required, the com­mit­tee will put a cap on mem­ber­ship num­bers and start a wait­ing list.
  4. A pro­spect­ive member may attend meet­ings as a guest not more than three times, before apply­ing for mem­ber­ship.
  5. Members who break the rules or act against the spirit of the club will be repor­ted to the com­mit­tee and dis­cip­lin­ary action may be taken against them.
  1. A member may bring a guest (s), includ­ing ladies, not more than 3 times to ordin­ary meet­ings.
  2. Members of other Probus Clubs are wel­come as guests
  1. The Club Financial Year shall end on March 31st.
  2. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during May. The Committee shall give three work­ing weeks notice of the meet­ing. Agenda items from mem­bers should be sub­mit­ted within seven days of the con­ven­ing notice.
  3. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Secretary at the request in writ­ing of at least ten mem­bers of the At least twenty-one days notice of such a meet­ing shall be given to mem­bers.
  1. The gov­ern­ing body of the Club shall be the com­mit­tee con­sist­ing of the Officers-and com­mit­tee mem­bers, all elec­ted at the A.G.M.
  2. The Officers of the Club shall be -
  • Chairman                               Term of office nor­mally 2 years.
  • Vice-Chairman                     Term of office nor­mally 2  years and elec­ted Chairman                                                           the  ensu­ing year.
  • Past Chairman                     Term of office nor­mally 2 years.
  • Secretary                               To  be re-elected annu­ally.
  • Treasurer                               To be re- elec­ted annu­ally.
  • Two Speaker Finders          Term of office nor­mally 3 years.
  • Webmaster                           To be re-elected annu­ally.
  1. Up to 2 mem­bers shall be elec­ted to serve on the com­mit­tee, nor­mally for a period of three years and be re — elec­ted annu­ally.
  2. The Committee has the power to co-opt mem­bers onto the com­mit­tee to fill any vacan­cies during the year. Such mem­bers should stand for re-election, if eli­gible, at the fol­low­ing A.G.M.
  3. Five mem­bers of the Committee shall con­sti­tute a quorum.
  4. The Chairman at any meet­ing shall have the cast­ing vote.
  1. Annual sub­scrip­tions  shall be reviewed at each A.G.M. and set for the ensu­ing year.
  2. The com­mit­tee will decide on any sub­sidies or con­tri­bu­tions to club events eg. trips, lunches. Such sub­sidies should be advised and con­trolled by the Treasurer
  3. The Annual Subscription is pay­able imme­di­ately fol­low­ing the A.G.M.   Those who have not paid after 4 weeks, will be con­tac­ted by the Chairman or Treasurer to determ­ine if they will be re-joining. The treas­urer will use his dis­cre­tion regard­ing mem­ber­ship.
  4. A member join­ing the Club during the year will pay pro rata depend­ing on the months left in the subscription’s year. The treas­urer will decide.
  5. Cheques on the Club’s Banking Account must be signed by the Treasurer and by one of the fol­low­ing — Chairman, Secretary or Vice-Chairman.
  6. If the Club is dis­ban­ded, any bal­ance which remains in the Club’s assets after paying all debts, shall be donated to such char­it­able cause(s) as the com­mit­tee shall select.
  7. An Auditor who shall not be a member of the Committee, shall be appoin­ted at each Annual General Meeting of the Club.
  1. The club will have a web­site which will be designed and updated by Webmaster.  All  con­tri­bu­tions and com­ments regard­ing the web­site will be dir­ec­ted to the  Webmaster.  The com­mit­tee will work with the Webmaster  to ensure the web­site reflects the views of the club.
  2. To ensure con­tinu­ity, the Webmaster will give the  Secretary the rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion for access­ing the web­site should the Webmaster  not be avail­able.
  1.  Amendments to these rules may only be made at a General Meeting, after due notice of such amend­ments has been given for a period of three work­ing weeks prior to the meet­ing.

These rules and con­sti­tu­tion were agreed at the 2015 AGM. Modified at 2021 AGM ref vir­tual meet­ings.