Speakers – April to December 2022

The Coronavirus has dis­rup­ted our normal weekly meet­ings and we have moved to Zoom meet­ings so that all mem­bers can remain safe at home and still enjoy a talk and fel­low­ship.

It is our inten­tion to hold two meet­ings per month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. The pro­gramme is still being pre­pared and fur­ther talks will be added to the list as below:

Probus Website – Zoom Speakers – 2022 March to December


2022 Speaker Subject/Title Lead
Mar 2022
7 Danilo Miskovic “Robotic sur­gery” rw/as
21 Malcolm Nelson “Why do I always feel so guilty?” me
Apr 2022
4 Tony Ryan “Plastics” rw
18 Easter Monday
25 (extra) Gareth Morgan “Death of an Industry” ga
May 2022
2 Early May Bank Hol
23 (extra) John Hull “The Siege of Leningrad – 1941 to 1944” rw/gb
June 2022
6 Alan Baker “Plants with mettle” (NOT by Zoom) rw/as
20 Barbara Beard “From Wales to Patagonia” rw
July 2022
4 Felicity Stout

(Anna Badcock)

“Ash die­back and tree pre­ser­va­tion rw
18 Andrew Raftery “The Man and The Hip” (NOT by Zoom) rw/as
Aug 2022
Sept 2022
5 Kevin Channer “Developing a coun­tryside garden from farm­land” (NOT by Zoom) rw/tm
19 Paul May “The rocks around Sheffield — how did they get there?” rw/as
Oct 2022
3 Mike Collins “Sir Stuart Goodwin (1886–1969): Sheffield Industrialist, Benefactor and Grateful Patient” rw/as
Nov 2022
21 Ian Fraser “The Death of Nelson, the paint­ing by Arthur William Devis” rw/as
Dec 2022
19 Keith Bailey “A Christmas Carol” rw/pc


Key to Lead (ini­tials in brack­ets indic­ate the member who sug­ges­ted the speaker)

  • ga – Graham Anthony
  • me – Mike Etches
  • rw – Richard Worth

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