The Cathedral Canon & The Theatre Manager- Canon Trevor Page — 8th July 2013.

It is almost a year since Trevor enter­tained us with his memor­ies of the people he has inter­viewed at the Empire Palace theatre in Sheffield and today was , in a way, a con­tinu­ation of his talk. He told us about two larger than life char­ac­ters who were poles apart and yet were good friends. They were Johny Spitzer, the man­ager of the Empire Palace theatre, a non prac­tising jew from London and Canon Dennis McKay, an Irish Anglican priest at the Sheffield cathed­ral.

Johny SPitzer came from London in 1944 to work as assist­ant man­ager of the Empire and took over the job as man­ager when his boss died of a heart attack. He was a man of great per­son­al­ity, who com­manded atten­tion from every­one in his pres­ence. He loved his food often con­sum­ing 4 eggs for break­fast and not sur­pris­ingly weighed 24 stones. He filled the Empire with famous stars and yet lived alone in a single room in the Grand Hotel. His life was abruptly cut short when he died of a heart attack at the age of 44.

Canon Dennis Mckay lived at flat 7a St. James Row, adja­cent to the cathed­ral. He loved food and alco­hol and was often seen in the com­pany of Johny Spitzer. Very often on a Sunday morn­ing, after ser­vice, he could be found with his serv­ers, drink­ing sherry at his reg­u­lar table at the Steak House above Fitzalan Square. He died in 1998, sat in a chair in his house at Crooks with a full glass of milk at his side.

Trevor ended his talk to rap­tur­ous applause and we look for­ward to yet another enter­tain­ing morn­ing with him.