Seamless Ring Rolling And Songs By Tom Lehrer — 23rd February 2015.

By the title you would be for­given for think­ing, what an odd com­bin­a­tion and where is the link? Well we had two talks by two of our mem­bers, the first one being about seam­less ring rolling by Andrew (Drew) Inglis from a sales dir­ect­ors point of view. Drew was Sales Director at Woodhouse & Rixson, later known as Firth Rixson who spe­cial­ise in the seam­less rolling of both steel and super alloy rings, used in the aerospace industry and oil pro­duc­tion.

The term super alloys covers mater­i­als which are either nickel or cobalt based and they have extremely high strength and oxid­a­tion res­ist­ance at the elev­ated tem­per­at­ures found in jet engines. The rings are used, amongst other things, to con­tain the engines and pre­vent ser­i­ous damage to an air­craft if engine fail­ure occurs. Drew also described how steel rings are used to form the coup­lings of the bore hole liners in the oil industry.

The second present­a­tion was by Dr. Douglas Grubb (Doug), who enter­tained us by play­ing songs by Tom Lehrer, the first song being called ‘The Elements’ which was about the ele­ments in the Periodic table in inor­ganic chem­istry. We listened to  sev­eral other songs includ­ing — Be Prepared — The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be — Good Old American Know How — What Ever Became Of Hubert? — and So-long Mom.