Professor Bob Shoemaker — Crime & Punishment in 18th- Century London.

12th December

Contrary to pop­u­lar belief London was not quite the den of thieves and vag­a­bonds that we had all believed. Bob Shoemaker’s excel­lent present­a­tion proved just that, and fur­ther­more revealed stat­ist­ical evid­ence to back his argu­ment. He has been instru­mental in put­ting all the repor­ted Old Bailey cases between 1674 and 1913 on line and these can be reached at – a fas­cin­at­ing store of crimes over those years. Another on line source is which shows where and to what extent crimes were com­mit­ted along with a host of other inform­a­tion of 18th cen­tury London. As always there were plenty of ques­tions from the floor and good inter­ac­tion made for a most inter­est­ing morn­ing.