Mike Spick Salesman to the World ( How Sheffield marketed its products worldwide )

Mike Spick , an arch­iv­ist by pro­fes­sion, con­tin­ues in his retire­ment to ferret through the dusty archives to bring us a fas­cin­at­ing talk on Sheffield on the world scene through the ages. From the early days with the form­a­tion of the Company of Cutlers, through to the mid 1800’s , saw Sheffield export­ing a con­sid­er­able range of steel and silver products world wide to the Americas, Europe and the Empire. Even then, there were price lists and bro­chures in for­eign lan­guages, agen­cies in far flung corners, attend­ance at trade fairs and exhib­i­tions.

He touched on royal war­rants, trade bar­ri­ers, fake cut­lery made and exposed. Sheffield’s pop­u­la­tion exploded in the early 20th cen­tury as work­ers flooded into make the products for home con­sump­tion and export. After the war, Sheffield held a Pageant of Production to cel­eb­rate its diversity of products and indus­tries. Mike con­cluded by bring­ing us up to date on the wide range of products still pro­duced by the city. Yes, he men­tioned Hendersons ( relish ).