Member’s Tales — 24th February 2014.

Once again Stumperlowe Probus proved the vari­ety of exper­i­ences among our own mem­ber­ship with two talks and an amus­ing mono­logue.

Michael Clarke, grand­son of Sir Geoffrey Clarke who rose the great heights in the Indian Post Office as Postmaster General, recoun­ted some of his own work exper­i­ences. In his youth he worked at the Army and Navy stores and declared it was much like “Are you being Served?”, where he nearly got the sack for dis­count­ing a camera in the days of Retail Price Maintenance! Realising that shop work had its lim­it­a­tions he went back into edu­ca­tion and gained a degree at Leicester University. He then joined the civil ser­vice where he spent the bulk of his time in what was once called the Labour Exchange. He told amus­ing stor­ies of his days in that ser­vice not least of being held at knife­point by a dis­gruntled applic­ant!

Eric Allsop was part of the D Day land­ings on Juno beach­head and whilst it was, no doubt, a trau­matic time for all involved in D Day, he recoun­ted his amus­ing tale of get­ting a Guy gun tractor stuck in a shell hole with all the food sup­plies for his pla­toon. In Eric’s inim­it­able style he man­aged to make a dif­fi­cult situ­ation amuse us all and we look for­ward to his longer talk about his D Day exper­i­ences in June on the cel­eb­ra­tion of the anniversary of the land­ings.

To round of the morn­ing David Corns, our sec­ret­ary, pro­duced a flat cap which he wore and gave us the “flat cap” ver­sion of driv­ing on the high­way which drew a good deal of laughter form us all. Now we are all more wary of wear­ing our own flat cap!

Peter Jackson