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Canon Trevor Page Echoes of Laughter 16 July 2012

What a delight! Recalling his memor­ies and those of many others whom he has inter­viewed, about the Empire and Palace theatres in Sheffield, Trevor painted a mar­vel­lous pic­ture of the days of vari­ety. Coming into con­tact with the theatre in his youth to earn a few bob before University he clearly got the taste for the lights and greasepaint! His dic­tion and use of the English lan­guage are to behold and his tal­ents for singing and acting were clearly not lost on the church or indeed us! A splen­did morn­ing.

Mrs Christine Johnson 2nd July Bee Keeping

Driven by one of her chil­dren to have a hive, Christine finds her­self many years later with nearly 50 and has become thor­oughly absorbed in the work­ings of the bee. The ques­tions kept coming but Christine was Queen Bee for the morn­ing and coped with them all. She said we must look after our bees and plant more wild flowers for without the bees we would lose much of our food which they pol­lin­ate.

Mr Andrew Rafferty Monday 25th June. The History of the NHS.

In just one hour Andrew traced the his­tory of the National Health Service in a fac­tual but most amus­ing fash­ion. His many years of exper­i­ence as a trans­plant sur­geon have clearly given him a mar­vel­lous insight its work­ings. The fact that it now has more admin­is­trat­ors than patient beds is of con­cern to him and he believes should be of con­cern to us too.

Mr Neville Maggs 11th June. Adventures In the BT Global Round the World Challenge

Ironman, Marathon man, marmalade maker extraordin­aire and now sail­ing – it there any­thing this man won’t take on? Some quite superb pic­tures of his trip on the Boston to South America leg of the Global chal­lenge. A late taken place meant that he was not quite as pre­pared as he would have wished never having been on a boat before! As always Neville rose man­fully to the chal­lenge!