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7th Jan 2013 – Pamela Thomson – All stitched up

Pamela ThomsonAn appro­pri­ate way to begin the year with Pamela show­ing us how she designs and pro­duces quilts to keep the bed warm! Familiar sur­round­ings for Pamela as she once worked at the church before becom­ing involved in the Billy Graham mis­sions. Her interest in quilts was sparked as a result of her days off when work­ing as a Matron at boys schools includ­ing Eton – where the Matrons are called Dames! Some quite superb work and we have never had so many examples of work on show at a meet­ing.

17th Dec 2012 – The Shepherd Wheel & Developments in the Porter Valley – Ann Le Sage

Shepherd wheelOur final talk of the year took us on a jour­ney through the beau­ti­ful Porter Valley which is lit­er­ally on our door­step. With some splen­did pic­tures Ann recoun­ted the story behind the refur­bish­ing of the Shepherd Wheel and the need for sim­ilar work in other parts of the valley. If you use the valley for walk­ing and you are not already a member of the Friends of Porter Valley then think about join­ing for without them the valley would be in a par­lous state.

Have a look at this video —

10th Dec 2012 – J G Graves Businessman and Benefactor – Mike Spick

jggraves-246x300A well-researched and illus­trated talk from Mike who spent many years of his work­ing life in the Sheffield archives.  Born in Horncastle Lincolnshire, John George Graves moved to Sheffield to take up an appren­tice­ship as a watch­maker in the late 1880’s. He setup his own busi­ness, ini­tially selling gentleman’s pocket watches on hire pur­chase which expan­ded over time into a large mail order com­pany employ­ing over 3000 people – mainly women. He became Sheffield’s Lord Mayor in 1926 and was one of the lead­ing bene­fact­ors to the city. The art gal­lery and the park which still bear his name are a test­a­ment to his gen­er­os­ity.

3rd December – Why are we living longer – Professor Kevin Channer

Prof Channer’s present­a­tion detailed the way we have all benefited from increas­ing health care. A major change was legis­la­tion to reduce the impact of smoking related dis­eases. Now we are faced with the rising prob­lem of obesity as a result of diet and lack of exer­cise. If you want to live well and a little longer do some walk­ing and get breath­less a little more often!