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21st November — Mr Martin Olive — Old Sheffield Pubs.

Local his­tor­ian Martin traced the devel­op­ment of the licensed premise from the early days of the licens­ing laws and then took us on a pictorial trip into the past to see some of the old Sheffield pubs that no longer sur­vive along with many that still do. He revealed that some years ago the local Fulwood vicar bought the local pub on Old Fulwood Road and turned it in to a coffee house. It is now a private house next to Ranmoor Motor Company. It was memory lane for many of us!

Mr Frank Dewire [ The History of Magic ]

A most enter­tain­ing hour with Frank, not only telling us about the his­tory of magic but show­ing us his tal­ents with a number of tricks.From his “empty” box he with­drew a large number of items and showed us the famous three card trick. His finale had him locked up like Harry Houdini and just like the famous man he escaped without dif­fi­culty!

A goodly number of mem­bers and their part­ners then enjoyed a most pleas­ant lunch­eon at Tapton Hall – a magic way to end a magic morn­ing!

Mr Brian Edwards Discussion – Can we afford an NHS?

A depar­ture from our normal talk, as Brian stim­u­lated a dis­cus­sion about the amount we spend on the NHS and how it is spent. The UK now spends over 9% of GDP on the NHS and with the nation’s debt pos­i­tion it is clear that the NHS must find its share. How we do this proves to bring into ques­tion ethics, morals, clin­ical decisions and not least polit­ics. A worth­while hour which made us all think how we might tackle the prob­lems!

Mr Grahame Hague — Sheffield & Tinsley Canal – History & Evolution. 24th October

Graham took us on a jour­ney from the canal basin all the way to Tinsley where before the Sheffield arm was built the canal ended; largely because the Duke of Rutland was pro­tect­ing his own interests. Through some lovely old pic­tures, he traced the emer­gence of the canal and its basin to a thriv­ing ter­minus for goods coming into Sheffield. Unlike many other canals this one did not imme­di­ately close when the rail­ways emerged and con­tin­ued to see goods unloaded right up to the 1970’s. Full of facts for Graham is clearly a mine of inform­a­tion!

Prof Mick Perkins – Speech, Language and Communication

Prof Mick Perkins 17 Oct 11 Brilliantly delivered with excel­lent real examples, a fas­cin­at­ing talk about the sci­ence of lin­guist­ics – par­tic­u­larly in the clin­ical sphere. Mick proved that what we say is not always what we mean, and fur­ther that the way we speak is as much a short­hand for assess­ment of each other as our first visual impres­sion – if not more so. How we speak and what we say, and the way we say it, tells a story. Dialects often gen­er­ate pre­con­cep­tions – no matter how hard we work against them.

Nah den dee –t’were a grand do!

Martyn Johnson — Metal Detecting. (

Martyn Johnson, one time Attercliffe bobby and now his­tor­ian and metal detec­t­or­ist took us back in time through some splen­did arte­facts he has found over the years. His enthu­si­asm for his sub­ject came across undi­luted and we shared a lovely hour with him. A Darfield lad, born and bred not far from Barnsley, and still living there. He fin­ished by show­ing us” Dees Dahs” a Roman Dinar – how appro­pri­ate!

Peter Jackson.