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Nature’s Year — John Linton Smith — 17th September 2012

vanellus vanellus - the LapwingWith some really first class slides, John took us through the cal­en­dar year illus­trat­ing how nature changes as we move through the sea­sons. Trees shed their leaves and birds fly south for the winter. Spring arrives and new life comes burst­ing through with snow­drops as a marker for the summer to come. The birds return and natures goes about recre­ation. The autumn col­ours paint their golden pic­ture and once more we are through to the icy cold of winter. It all hap­pens too quickly — just as John’s talk seemed over in a trice!

3rd Sept 2012 — Prof Warren Gilchrist — History of the Bible

As always Warren’s talks are so well researched and his depth of know­ledge shines through. Our jour­ney took us from the earli­est times when writ­ing was in its infancy, right up to the present day and the modern ver­sions and trans­la­tions. The word was spread by mouth in the early days and the desire to  write them down accur­ately has been fun­da­mental to the scribes. A huge sub­ject to tackle in only an hour  but it didn’t seem a prob­lem for Warren!

20th August 2012 — Gill Donnelly — Crime Scene Investigation

Spellbound” would be the word to choose for the state of the audi­ence this morn­ing! A remark­able lady who has a vast exper­i­ence of her trade — or is it an art form? A truly inter­est­ing sub­ject matter and her con­cern for the facts that she unfolds in her work, led us all to be in admir­a­tion. She could not talk about much of what she does but  that didn’t stop the ques­tions!

6th August 2012 — Ted Hancock — Totley Tunnel

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATed’s many years of hard work research­ing the build­ing of the longest non-electrified rail­way tunnel in the UK shone through in this fact filled talk. At 6,230-yards long it was com­pleted in 1893 – a major con­struc­tion pro­ject built by Thomas Oliver who was main con­tractor for the Midland Railway line between Totley and Grindleford.

Without the engin­eer­ing abil­it­ies of the Victorians we would not have many of these great pieces of infra­struc­ture, though their regard for Health and Safety left much to be desired.

30th July 2012 — The Galapagos Islands — Barrie Campbell

GalapagosLocal film maker Barrie star­ted the pro­gramme with a CGI film ded­ic­ated to USA airman of World War Two which he made for the Kalamazoo Air Musuem. A telling and thought pro­vok­ing reflec­tion of their approach to life in the clouds during the war.

On a lighter note we moved to the main fea­ture about his travels in the Galapagos Islands which revealed a host of wild life along with Barrie’s many tal­ents!