BLOG ROTA FOR 3rd JUNE to 7th OCT 2019

A pop­u­lar fea­ture of this web­site is the weekly account of the talk or present­a­tion which mem­bers have enjoyed on the Monday morn­ing. In fact we are rather flattered that other Probus Clubs and sim­ilar organ­isa­tions are known to take the occa­sional peek at our weekly blog when seek­ing ideas and inspir­a­tion for their own pro­gramme of future speak­ers. We cur­rently have a team of nine blog­gers, but if any­body else would like to try their hand at blog writ­ing, please con­tact our sec­ret­ary Graham Snowdon.


John Abel                                     03/06/19                       05/08/19

Graeme Beck                             10/06/19                       12/08/19

Michael Clarke                          15/07/19                       19/08/19

David Corns                                22/07/19                       02/09/19

Glyn Davies                                29/07/19                       07/10/19

Tim Marsh                                   08/07/19                       16/09/19

Phil Morrell                                17/06/19                       23/09/19

Andrew Shorthouse              24/06/19                       09/09/19

Graham Snowdon                   01/07/19                       30/09/19