A Celebration of Entertainment and Entertainers of Days Gone By — By Dave Moylan. — 18th December 2017.

Dave began with the ‘magic’ cup-and-ball trick, which he said was known to the Romans and Ancient Greeks.   Even though I knew (or sus­pec­ted) how it was done I could not see how he moved the balls- he was too pro­fi­cient.  He fol­lowed this with a 5-card trick too fast for us to really spot the method — his patter and dis­trac­tions worked too well.

He explained the dif­fer­ence between magic and illu­sion.                             “In 1966 an England team won the World Cup — that was magic.   Illusion is that people think that will happen again!”

Dave then played the guitar and sang a comic song.  He sang ‘I want a proper cup of coffee made in a proper copper coffee pot.’ and we joined in the chorus, shout­ing “Oy”.

He switched back to magic, doing his ‘rope trick’, using Stan as his assist­ant.  In this trick he cut a piece of cord in half sev­eral times in dif­fer­ent ways, but it always remained in one piece.  It was beau­ti­fully done, and Stan played his part admir­ably!

Then Dave returned to jokes:                                                                                         “Bill had to have an ear trans­plant.  The sur­geon gave him a pig’s ear that worked fine except for a bit of crack­ling.”                                                    “Fred, for a dare, ate 18 kg of curry powder.  It didn’t kill him but he is now in a korma.”

Next Dave said that he admired the old radio comedi­ans, like Al Read, because he told jokes about the sort of people that you knew.   These comedi­ans thought that the way to deal with unpleas­ant sub­jects, like death, was to laugh at them.                                                              “A hus­band said to his wife, “When I die will you sell the house?”           “No,” she said.  “I like living here.”                                                                                 “Will you get mar­ried again?” he asked.                                                                   She said, “I might do, because I won’t want to spend my life alone.”       “You won’t let him use my golf clubs, will you? he said.                                  “Oh, no. They won’t be any use to him because he’s left-handed.”

Dave asked if we remembered Max Wall.  He said he’d asked many teen­aged girls the same ques­tion.  They all said they didn’t.  So why do they dress like him?

He took up a ukulele and played and sang a George Formby song          “If women like them like men like those why don’t women like me?”    Then more jokes, too fast for me to note them, and a song of ‘The Old Bazaar in Cairo’.

He then told us that Liverpool has pro­duced many, many comedi­ans and he told  jokes using dif­fer­ent accents: Welsh, Brummie, Scouse.   A man asked a lady at the big house if she had any odd jobs he could do.      “Take this can of black paint and paint the porch at the back of the house,” she said.                                                                                                                     Some hours later he came back covered in splashes of black paint to say that he had fin­ished.                                                                                                    “But,” he said, “It isn’t a Porshe, it’s a Ferrari.” 

A splen­did talk that was thor­oughly enjoyed by all. Thank you, Dave.