5th March Mr Gerald Eveleigh Ranmoor — History and Development

With some excel­lent pic­tures of Ranmoor in times gone by, Gerald told us how the area had been developed by the steel Barons desire to move West and away from the smoke and noise of the industry in the centre and East of the City. The Firths, the Browns and the Vickers and many other wealthy busi­ness­men all built fine houses in the Ranmoor area which had largely been farm land until that time. Then a number of soci­et­ies were formed who bought up the spare land that remained and sold plots for devel­op­ment under strict con­di­tions which accounts for the sim­il­ar­ity of the devel­op­ments in the area. For those of us who grew up in the dis­trict there were many happy memor­ies brought to life through the pic­tures! The book by Peter Warr entitled The Growth of Ranmoor, Hangingwater and Nethergreen will sat­isfy your quest for fur­ther inform­a­tion.

The Ranmoor Inn