Speakers – January to April 2020


2020 Subject/Title Speaker
6 Jan 20 “For your eyes only: James Bond, Espionage & Britain’s Role in the Cold War” Tony Taylor
13 “Ancient sub­urbs of Sheffield – part 2” David Templeman
20 “A Canon shot over trans­port” Roger Hart
27 “Knickers!” Janet Stain
3 Feb 20 “The drillers of Sherwood Forest” Roger Vernon
10 Woodhead Tunnel part 2 Stephen Gay
17 “A Life in Crime” Peter Stubbs
24 “Can your arter­ies tell your age?” Gerry Meininger
2 Mar 20 “Water – a tur­bu­lent his­tory! What lies behind the tap” Jenny Stephenson
9 “Folklore and Fables” John Garrett
16 “Cosmic rays, pyr­am­ids, vol­ca­noes and rail­way tun­nels” Lee Thompson
23 “Iran – his­tory, people and coun­try” George Clark
30 “Fingerprints: forensic advances” Simona Francese
6 Apr 20 “How the inter­net changed the world” Peter Ivey
13   Easter Monday
20 “Stiff Upper Lip” Lucy Brown
27 “A for­got­ten Antarctic explorer” Barbara Beard