45 Years In Radio — Gerry Kersey — 29th July.

gerry270Gerry Kersey is as enter­tain­ing in the flesh as he is on the radio. He was born and brought up at 415 Bell House Road, Shiregreen, Sheffield. He had two older sis­ters, the elder one, Vi (Violet ) was twenty-one years older than him and was the one he used to con­fess all his mis­deeds to. On one occa­sion a willow tree close by their house attrac­ted hun­dreds of lady­birds which intrigued young Gerry who promptly decided to col­lect them in a flour bag. However after a while he got bored with this and left the flour bag in the house and went out to play. Needless to say that when he returned the house was full of lady­birds and who was to blame!

Gerrey’s first job was at Hadfields Foundry, Sheffield, work­ing in the wages depart­ment. He had to go round the vari­ous depart­ments col­lect­ing in the clock cards which helped him to develop his com­mu­nic­a­tions skills. At eight­een he was called up for National Service and was recruited into the RAF as a tele­phon­ist. Little did he know but this was excel­lent train­ing for him for his future in radio.

He was very keen on ama­teur dra­mat­ics, first play­ing with the Shiregreen and District Community Players, fol­lowed by the Sheffield Play Goers and finally the South Yorkshire Operatic Society.

In his radio career Gerry played the part of Frank Forthright and did Saturday night theatre on Radio 4. He went to work for Radio Hallam and took over Bill Crozier’s pro­gramme and later took over from the presenter, Roger Moffat.

Gerry can be reg­u­larly heard on Radio Sheffield at 4:00 pm on Sunday after­noons in his pro­gramme, “Musical nos­tal­gia and chat.”

Gerry’s present­a­tion was both inter­est­ing and exceed­ingly enter­tain­ing and was met at the end with a resound­ing applause.