29 Oct 12 “Charlie Peace the Scoundrel – his life and crimes” with Julian Bean

Charlie PeaceWell-known local author, Julian Bean returned to tell us all about Charlie Peace. Born in Sheffield in 1832 he was notori­ous for his activ­it­ies as a pro­lific and clever burg­lar whilst being wanted for murder in Sheffield des­pite his appear­ance as a well-dressed, violin-playing, respect­able man. After being caught by PC Edward Robinson on his beat at Blackheath in London, Peace was sen­tenced to death — and then con­fessed to a second murder — of a police officer — in Manchester 2 years earlier. An intriguing tale Julian claimed him to be a fore­run­ner of the “pro­fes­sional” crim­inal of modern times and kept us fas­cin­ated and amused by his know­ledge of this notori­ous crim­inal.