27th February Mr Clive Hart Archaeology of the Sheffield Peak District.

Clive’s interest in archae­ology dates from his days as a small boy and has con­tin­ued to this day. With sev­eral degrees to his name, he has spent most of his work­ing life involved in the study of archae­ology and has been instru­mental in rais­ing the pro­file of sites which are under threat from agri­cul­ture, build­ing or road infra­struc­ture. His jour­ney through the some of the sites within the Peak District revealed that we are often unaware of the his­tory behind the fea­tures we see. His pic­tures took us to vari­ous places includ­ing the most import­ant pre­his­toric site of the East Midlands, Arbor Low which is a Neolithic henge monu­ment atmo­spher­ic­ally set amid high moor­land. Within an earthen bank and ditch, a circle of some 50 white lime­stone slabs, all now fallen, sur­rounds a cent­ral stone ‘cove’ – a fea­ture found only in major sacred sites. Nearby is enig­matic Gib Hill, a large burial mound. You can find it east of the A515 on the Ashbourne to Buxton road.