23rd April 2012 Dr A Murray Wilson Medical Equipment

Murray Wilson’s career was spent in anaes­thet­ics and by nature an invent­ive man with a great curi­os­ity and desire to find better ways of admin­is­ter­ing anaes­thet­ics. Dropping ether onto a gauze mask was, sur­pris­ingly, hap­pen­ing rather more recently then you might care to ima­gine! In the early days of gas cyl­in­ders of oxygen and nitrous oxide it was all too easy to con­nect up the piping the wrong way round, which could have fatal con­sequences. Furthermore it was dif­fi­cult to gauge when the bottles were run­ning out and after the inad­equa­cies of then cur­rent gas fail­ure alarms, such as the Bosun developed by BOC, Murray designed an alarm that over­came these flaws. The design was taken up by Eardley’s of Sheffield – a com­pany better known for pro­du­cing beer dis­pens­ing equip­ment – and so was born the Eardley gas alarm. Many other ingeni­ous pieces of equip­ment owe their birth to Murray and per­haps one of his most respec­ted devices is the Sheffield Ventilator designed whilst a Registrar at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital in 1964.
The Sheffield Ventilator


He proved his abil­ity to design equip­ment is only matched by his won­der­ful sense of humour! Another fas­cin­at­ing morn­ing!The Eardley Gas Alarm