2011 goes out with a bang!

Following a very suc­cess­ful year with increas­ing member num­bers, and some really first class speak­ers, Stumperlowe Probus fin­ished the year with a visit to Kelham Island Museum – the Industrial museum of Sheffield’s Steel, Hand Tool and Cutlery her­it­age. Earlier in the year we had received an excel­lent talk from John Hamshere, the Museum Director, in which he detailed the vast amount of work which had to be done to restore the museum to its cur­rent state after the floods in Sheffield of June 2007.

Our visit, con­duc­ted by John, allowed us to see the work­shops of the “Little Mesters” (Master Craftsmen) who each had their own spe­ci­al­ity in the tool and cut­lery making pro­cess. Interactive dis­plays and an amaz­ing rep­lica of the steel making pro­cess in which chil­dren become the raw mater­ial along with ones for adults, allowed us to touch the exhib­its and brought to life all the items about which he had pre­vi­ously spoken. A fas­cin­at­ing step back into the great steel making days of Sheffield. SONY DSCWatching the colossal 12,000hp River Don Engine in steam rum­bling away (see pic­ture), which rolled the armour plate for the Dreadnought ships, was the high­light to a really mar­vel­lous tour. If you come to Sheffield – don’t miss it! (http://www.simt.co.uk/kelham-island-museum/river-don-engine) We meet on Mondays and vis­it­ors are always wel­come – see our web­site for details — http://stumperloweprobusclub.moonfruit.com/