Stop Press — Latest news — Wed 13th May 2020

There are three notices to read — 1) Coronavirus;  2) Council number for help for over 70s; 3) Fulwood Church stream­ing ser­vice.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Stumperlowe Probus Club is abid­ing by the Government’s latest advice with regard to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) restric­tions, and as such all formal meet­ings are cur­rently sus­pen­ded.

We recog­nise that we might be regarded as a vul­ner­able group, with an aver­age age of 77 and some mem­bers with under­ly­ing health issues, and lock­down for us star­ted a week before the coun­try at large when an emer­gency com­mit­tee meet­ing on Mon 16th March took the unan­im­ous decision to sus­pend all future gath­er­ings of the club until fur­ther notice.

When lock­down was offi­cially announced on 23rd March, we had hoped that we might be able to recon­vene in time for our sched­uled Annual General Meeting on Mon 11th May, but that date has now passed and our out­go­ing chair­man, Peter Curtis, has agreed to con­tinue in his post until he is able to hand over to our chair­man for the next two years, Glyn Davies.

That will happen at our first meet­ing back, when Government restric­tions on gath­er­ings are lifted and OUR MEMBERS FEEL IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.

It is impossible to hazard a guess as to the times­cale at the moment but, taking into account the age pro­file of our mem­ber­ship, it is likely that we will be well down the list if restric­tions are to be lifted gradu­ally,” Peter Curtis explained.

Consequently, all our sched­uled speak­ers until the end of August – two months later than at our last review — have now been ‘stood down.’ Fortunately, all are sup­port­ive and quite pos­sibly relieved, and all have indic­ated that they would like to rearrange future dates for their present­a­tions.”

Although we are not cur­rently hold­ing our usual Monday morn­ings meet­ings at Fulwood Church Hall, where attend­ances aver­age close to 50 out of a total mem­ber­ship of 64, we are still very much in touch with each other. Every member receives a tele­phone call at least once a fort­night from a com­mit­tee member to ascer­tain that they and their part­ners are in good health phys­ic­ally and men­tally, that they are coping with isol­a­tion, and that they are receiv­ing reg­u­lar sup­plies of food, medi­cines and other essen­tials via friends, neigh­bours, carers or family.

Meanwhile, we would like to wish our oldest member, Rex Mercer, a very happy 94th birth­day on Wed 20th May.


Sheffield City Council is oper­at­ing a Community Helpline during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) out­break. If you, or someone you know, are vul­ner­able, shield­ing or self-isolating and have no friends or family you can call on, you are invited to con­tact the Helpline either at or on 0114 273 4567 (lines open 8.45am to 4.45pm).
It may be of interest to Probus mem­bers that during the “shut down” Christ Church Fulwood is stream­ing a Sunday Morning Service at 10.30am every Sunday.  To view it just visit the web­site by copy­ing and past­ing this link into your browser:

You can see the last ser­vice (cur­rently 10th May) or the next one if you tune in at 10.25am on Sunday morn­ings.

You can always see the pre­vi­ous ser­vices if you go on YouTube and search for “Christ Church Fulwood”. There will be a full ser­vice with hymns, pray­ers and a sermon.